Skill Games

Combining engaging midway games with attractive prizes, delivering fun for our visitors and increased revenue for our partners.

The games and prizes we install and use in theme parks and visitor attractions are the most innovative
and entertaining on the market, suitable for a wide age group and appealing to all tastes.

Operated as either stand alone or multi-game units, our midway-style games of skill provide huge amounts
of entertainment and offer masses of player appeal..

  • basketball-thumb.jpg


  • lobster-thumb.jpg

    Lobster Pot

  • pyramid-thumb.jpg

    Pyramid Smash

  • grabduck-thumb.jpg

    Grab a Duck

  • ladder-thumb.jpg


  • derbyracer-thumb.jpg

    Derby Racer

  • meltdown-thumb.jpg


  • catrack-thumb.jpg

    Cat Rack

Lots of factors contribute towards maximum player enjoyment at the HB Leisure skill games.

One of these is prizes. HBL selects top quality prizes that are appealing and clearly displayed. There is a good win rate and on some games, prizes are guaranteed to be won every time. In all cases, the games are run fairly and everyone has an equal chance to win.

Another factor is the choice and appearance of the game. HBL has enormous experience in choosing, building and operating fun, appealing and attractive games that fit into the style and theme of their surrounds.

Finally, staff are a key element for a fun visitor experience. HBL carefully recruits and trains its staff, all within the high standards of the HBL Way.

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