Arcade Manager


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  • To ensure the efficient day to day running of all site operations.
  • Through regular inspection ensure that interior/exterior standards are maintained at a high level, where necessary advising the Regional Manager on remedial action or liaising with Park Management where appropriate.
  • Review arcade takings and machine performance on a daily basis with particular emphasis on security.Continually review the siting of equipment to ensure maximisation of income whilst maintaining good machine housekeeping; making sure all cranes, pushers etc are well stocked and as attractive as possible.
  • Maintain a close liaison at all times with your management team communicating Company information/changes in procedure as and when required.Ensure any unresolved problems are dealt with satisfactorily.
  • Maintain a close liaison at all times with Park management, ensuring the HBL operation conforms to agreed procedures and regulations.
  • To ensure that cash collections are carried out accurately and securely; and in line with agreed procedure with Park, whilst adhering to Company procedures.
  • Conduct regular random checks of floats, keys, stock and vouchers as well as weekly and period checks.
  • Work with the Engineers to prioritise workload to minimise downtime.
  • Working with management team and Head Office, ensure that correct stock lines and levels are maintained.
  • Ensure that staffing ratios are observed and improved, whilst maintaining operational objectives.To be prepared to cover reasonable additional hours where appropriate staff are absent
  • Motivation of staff to contribute to the maximum efficiency in the day to day running of the site. Ensure a good working environment is established, in order to obtain the maximum commitment of staff.
  • Monitor individual staff that report to you, by accompanying and reviewing them in the performance of their duties on a regular basis.Provide training as required, to ensure company procedures are adhered to and standards maintained.
  • Ensure documentation submitted by yourself and staff who report to you, is accurate, complete and submitted on time.
  • To undertake appropriate disciplinary action, in accordance with company policy and procedures with prior guidance from Senior Management and consultation with the HR Manager.
  • To create and encourage a welcoming atmosphere within the arcades; acknowledging and greeting customers wherever possible.
  • To respond positively, promptly and appropriately to all customer requests.
  • To conduct all business in a polite and courteous manner.
  • To show no less favourable treatment to any employee or customer of the Company on the grounds of race, nationality or ethnic origin, or on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion or age.
  • To actively discourage harassment of any employee or customer of the Company on the grounds listed in 1 above.
  • To recognise and respect the needs of any employee or customer of the Company to be treated with dignity
  • To ensure that people with disabilities are given the same opportunity for employment as able bodied persons where appropriate.
  • To ensure that your actions, and those of your colleagues do not discriminate unfairly when dealing with recruitment.

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