Blackpool Tower, UK

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Blackpool Tower is located in North West England and this iconic landmark has dominated the Blackpool skyline since its construction in 1891.

Merlin Entertainments invited HB Leisure to create a family friendly arcade within the Tower Complex that would appeal to a wide customer base and enhance the visitor experience. HBL delivered the highly themed environment that was required and introduced quirky redemption machines which have added to a singular sense of fun.

“It’s all very positive. I very much like working with HB Leisure and it was a ‘no brainer’ for them to come in at the Tower after my previous experience with them at other Merlin sites in the UK. I also knew they already had a team in the town so that was a major reason for working with them again as I knew I’d get whatever support I needed.
HBL had some innovative ideas and totally understand what we are trying to do in the Tower. It is a Grade 1 listed building so it required a lot of thought to understand what we needed to put in and HBL has provided a product that matches what we were after.

The arcade area has gone down very well with our visitors and features cutting edge games that work well alongside the more traditional games. We are extremely happy with what HB Leisure has provided and I look forward to working with them for many years to come”

Iain Hawkins, Merlin Entertainments, Former Head of Blackpool Cluster

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