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Increase revenues

HBL has an established track record of increasing spend per head in third party operations, delivering increases of up to 500%.  With our reputation for reliability and innovation together with a history of long and successful relationships we will create an exciting and profitable Games or Coin Operated attractions within host parks, working with park management, where even none has existed before.

Strategic Partnerships

We have developed many long-standing partnerships with some of the most well-known and successful theme parks.
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Recruitment & Jobs

A wide variety of career opportunities are available within the HB Leisure team.  Latest vacancy:  MACHINE CONTROLLER
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Established over 75 years ago, HB Leisure now employs more than 1,000 people. We work with some of the most well-known and respected organisations in the theme park, visitor attraction and leisure sectors and are continually looking to expand our existing operations and move in to new areas such as Scandinavia and the Far East.

HBL provides a highly professional, dedicated service via two main divisions which cover the management of outsourced family amusements and skill-based games at visitor attractions and the operation of adult gaming centres (AGCs) and family entertainment centres (FECs).

If you would like to discuss your requirements or simply discover more about our company please do not hesitate to contact us and we can arrange an appointment

Paulton’s Park

HB Leisure took over an existing games operation at Paultons Park in 2010 and immediately extended the profile of games at the park with great success. The superb development by our host of Peppa ... Read more »